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Our Products

101 Cast Stone specializes in the production of cast stone, an excellent masonry product that can be used as an architectural feature, trim, ornament, or facing for buildings. We manufacture a full line of architectural products in both standard and custom styles and dimensions to suit your specific project needs. All of our cast stone products are offered in a choice of seven colors and three texture finishes.

Contact us to discuss our custom solutions to your specific requirements.

Cast stone serves as an appealing and durable alternative to natural cut limestone, brownstone, sandstone, bluestone, granite, slate, keystone, travertine, and other natural building stones. As a result of our attention to detail and our finishing techniques, in many cases our cast stone products are nearly indistinguishable from real stone, as in the fountain photo on the right which is made of cast stone.

We also specialize in Stone Masonry and can help you transform the interior or exterior of your home with the look and feel of stone. Whether it is natural stone or stone veneer, we can add a natural and sophisticated look to your space. Check out the Stone Masonry section of our site to see some of our past projects.

101 Cast Stone will work with you to implement the fulfillment of your individual and unique project – call us at (805) 460-6060 to discuss your specific requirements.


Realistic Cast Stone

Fountain above is cast stone,
and adds a feel of old world
design to the area

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