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Design & Manufacturing Process

1. The 101 Cast Stone Professional Design Team has an extensive offering of Cast Stone ProductsFireplaces & Mantels, and Stone Masonry. If you do not see something that commands your attention here, we can create a custom configuration utilizing our current stock or generate something completely new. With our designers the possibilities are limitless.

2. Our Sales & Design professionals will work with you to determine the Cast Stone, Fireplace or Stone Masonry project requirements and items that you are looking for.

3. After the design of your architectural items and/or fireplace system is completed and confirmed by you, our team begins the process of creating the items.

4. If needed, any molds that may be required to be created or modified are processed in our Custom Mold Shop (see below). We then prepare the molds for production.  

5. When the molds associated with your project are properly prepared for casting, they are delivered to the Manufacturing floor.




6. The cast stone material is mixed in the color you’ve specified and is packed by hand into the mold in a specific fashion to achieve the desired finish. Following the cast stone, a very specific mix of fiberglass materials is then packed by hand into the mold. The molds are then left to dry for approximately one day depending on the particular detail.




7. After curing for the necessary amount of time, the pieces are removed from the molds and checked by Quality Control to make sure they pass inspection. They are then stored in the appropriate staging location while we finish compiling all the items for your order.

8. Once the order is finished being made, we will schedule with the customer to deliver and install the items and provide you with the beautiful cast stone elements to beautify and enhance your home.

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